Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Travel Is The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer!

Well after a good 14 months on the beautiful island of Sicily it was time to pack my suitcase and return to my family and friends for a little visit. Since my man is working on the ship I decided to take 2 months and go back home to see everyone. Unfortunately, that means leaving my partner in crime Stephanie but she's holding down the fort while I am gone as she continues her Sicilian adventure. 

My first stop is Germany to visit my Oma and Godparents as well as my sister who is woking for my aunt this summer. I love this time in Germany I just get to relax and enjoy my time with my Oma watching her favourite soap operas while she cooks me way too much of my favourite German dishes. I take advantage of my aunts indoor pool and work out room to work off the large amounts of delicious potatoes, schnitzel and beer. I visit with other relatives for dinner and go to the lake house for a family barbecue. Germany is such a lovely Country and it is always so nice to catch up with everyone whilst drinking a beer or two. 

I always try to dress up when I am travelling I don't mean something to fancy but something you feel comfortable in while still being in style. I just don't believe in sweat pants as the only answer to comfort. This wrap skirt and long did just the trick. 

In the summer, there is no other place to be then the Beer Gardens here in Germany. You can go out dress up with a pair of jeans and cool down with a large glass of beer and soft pretzel. 

Nothing like an afternoon shopping and what not better to wear then a cute pastel coloured jumper perfect for trying on clothes and its always a comfortable chic option. Zara has many fun summer clothing out now which I took advantage of.  Also, Bijou Brigitte has amazing summer accessories. One should always finish a hard days shopping with ice cream I chose the spaghetti ice not quite like the gelato back in Sicily but it definitely did the trick. 

After such a beautiful week in Germany the best way to finish it off was a BBQ at the lake house where  I spent many summers as a child. I decided to go for a summery sunday dress something cute light and fun for a cool summers day by the water with good food, great people and even better conversation.


I had a lovely time in Germany!!
Next stop Toronto, Canada!

xo Nicola 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air - Emerson


Day: What's great about the island of Sicily is that we are surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful beaches. You can either grab your massive sun umbrella and lay on the soft golden sand with your colourful towel or maybe go with a lido that has bar a service. In fact always choose the lido with the bar service!  

In the summer here you can find any and every excuse to go to the beach you hang out with friends read your favourite book and get tanned, but never your neck or face after all we want to look young forever not like shrivelled prunes by the time we are 36!! Grab that refreshing drink we suggest Malibu and Pineapple something less caloric then that pina colada you were craving yet which is just as satisfying! But before you set out in search for that perfect beach spot, you might want to have granita and brioche for breakfast. It is the most refreshing breakfast you have in the morning.  

On this day we decided to wear leg showing and bold coloured beach dresses just to feel the summer heat and our itsy bitsy bikini became our second skin.

Let's face it, can you even imagine a better summer where the beach is your backyard?

Refreshing Breakfast (Granita & Brioche)

Our many attempts of doing a high jump together!

Night: After that long relaxing day at the beach you come home to have dinner and especially on Saturday night you get ready to get your party on. Keeping the beachy look, we stayed true to the day, Stephanie wore a magenta pink top with a lacy summer feel skirt, while Nicola wore high waisted jeans with leather detailing that she made at school with a sexy floral bodysuit top, which can also be used as a one piece bathing suit. 

We most always have a pre-game at Nicola's house where we made fabulous martinis for the girls and the guys help themselves to there favourite drinks at the open in home bar. 
We drink we dance to the tunes of Hanson, reminiscing those younger days. We drank some more and then around 12:30am we decided to go to the local bar to drink some more and to see where the rest of the town is going to dance that night. As soon as 2am rolls around we decided there is just enough time left in the evening to get our boogie on. So we danced the night away usually to bad Latin and Top 40 of 5 months ago til the sun comes up to where we find ourselves eating paninos of sausage french fries just to absorb enough of the alcohol to stop the ceiling from spinning, 

Nothing like those magic nights of summer dancing under the stars with your best girlfriends and our silly drunken boyfriends.

And then you do it again ;)
Sunday Afternoon at Cava D'aliga

xo Nicola & Stephanie

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Drinking Good Wine With Good Food in Good Company Is One of Life’s Most Civilized Pleasures --Michael Broadbent

Nothing like a Thursday night under the stars barbecuing some seafood. While drinking wine, dancing and laughing the night away. We decided on an uneventful Thursday evening to have an impromptu barbecue at a friends country home where here in Italy it is like a cottage which is only a 10 minute drive away instead of that 3 hour traffic filled drive up north to the lake. We got dressed up in our best country looks which for Nicola consists of one of her only pairs of jeans (similar style click here) adding hooped earrings and a head scarf some how creating a 70’s country chic look. Where as Stephanie opted for her cute denim jumpsuit and semi western black ankle booties (similar style click here) to create that casual denim yet trendy country outfit.

The girls prepared the octopus and shrimp salad in the kitchen where as the men built the fire as there ancestors the cave men had done many many years before, oh how history repeats itself. The wine was flowing, the music was playing and the fish was barbecuing. It was a perfect Sicilian dining style evening. When all of a sudden Spice Girls came on the radio, which naturally lead to a full on karaoke sing-along musical production. Resulting in the end of six bottles of white wine leading us to the demise of four bottles of prosecco. However, traditionally you sip prosecco in champagne flutes, where as our friend Davide opted in showering us with prosecco creating the great 'Prosecco War of Ispica.' Of course, boys will be boys!

All in all we had a sizzlin' eventful drunken and tasty evening!

xo Nicola & Stephanie 

Enjoy our little dance off of 'Wannabe - Spice Girls'

Sunday, 1 June 2014

"When in Rome do as the Romans do"... so in Sicily we do as the Sicilians do.

Living now in this small town on the Mediterranean Sea, sometimes the nightlife can get a bit stale especially during the off season where there is only the one good bar to go to. As much as we love sitting at the same bar it is nice to change it up every now and again.  That being said it does not stop us from finding ways to have a good time! We create our own fun by getting in touch with our inner Sicilian housewife and get down in the kitchen by preparing traditional Sicilian recipes with our fellow paesanos. On this Monday night, we decided to make Arancini “rice balls” (recipe at the bottom) and just to spice it up we baked an oreo cheesecake because our friends go crazy for our American style desserts. We love mixing it up sharing recipes and traditions for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Our good friend Simona, teaches us how to make delicious Arancini.

We thought we would shake it up in the kitchen by wearing our long skirts and cute tops for something easy, yet adorable and at the same time sexy. We believe very strongly in dressing up while at home because if you look good you feel good! Give your man something to look at while your bending over and putting that cake in the oven ;) 

Why not wear a cute apron to match your outfit making it the perfect cooking accessory?!

Don’t forget the wine because no Italian meal should be with out it. Nothing like a fabulous night at home cooking drinking and eating with great friends creating unforgettable moments. 

Like what you see? Interested in the skirts?

 These skirts are made by yours truly Nicola and Stephanie.
 Send us a comment and tell us what you think! Also, Aprons can be found on Etsy by Kruga Design.

 Check'em out!

Make your own Arancini!

Arancini Recipe:
Prepare Risotto adding saffron and a bit of the sauce from your ragu. Let cool until cold.

In pot cook 2 cloves garlic and 1 diced onion until clear. Add 2 kinds of your favourite ground meat I prefer lean and extra lean add a ½ cup of red wine and your spices a teaspoon of salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, curry, dried basil. Cook down till the meat is brown add a can of diced tomatoes and a half bottle of tomato sauce cook for another 30 minutes let it cool.

Frozen peas
Diced ham
Diced mozzarella

Take a scoop of the risotto with your hand and cop it so it creates a bowl like shape. Then in the well of the rice that you created add a bit of the ragu and the extras that you wish to add then take another scoop f rice flatten it a bit and cover the filling then form a ball shape cover it in whisked egg and cover with bread crumbs continue till you have no more rice and then fry it in a large pot of boiling frying oil until it is brown in colour. 

1 kg of arborio rice 
150 grams ground veal 
150 grams extra lean ground beef 
can of diced tomatoes 
tomato sauce
dried basil 
red wine 
olive oil 
frozen or canned peas 
diced ham 
12 eggs 
2 bags of bread crumbs 

Fashion Is Instant Language - Prada

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