Friday, 22 August 2014


Had such a great day in Dubrovinik! For some, this is also known as "King's Landing" from the HBO series GAME OF THRONES. Initially, my friend Felipe and I wanted to do the Game of Thrones Tour, where they show you the different scenes that were filmed here, but we were too late and the tour had already started. Instead we did our own tour and explored the city ourselves, casual as usual. I wore my ripped denim shorts and a low back halter, both from Aritzia; it seemed fitting because it was extremely hot. If I could, I would have worn nothing; the less material I had on, the better. 

 We started with the wall, walking through the whole perimeter, and my god, it took us about 2 hours from start to finish. With the sun's rays shining down on us, we had to at least take 3 water breaks! But it was so worth it. It was exciting because I was able to see where they filmed the series and trying to remember which season and what scene it was. This definitely made me want to watch all 4 seasons again from the beginning.  Walking around the city walls made feel like I was part of the show. Only wish I saw Mr. Jon Snow!  

Can you spot some ofthe locations they filmed?

See you soon!
xo Stephanie


  1. Looks amazing! Very nice blog you have! Keep up the good work!

  2. Amazing pictures girls! You must have had such a blast!

    1. Thank you! And I did! I need to go back!

  3. Carinissimo!
    Vieni a vedere il mio nuovo post? fammi sapere cosa ne pensi, e se ti va segui il mio blog!
    Un bacio :)

    Come see my new post? let me know what you think, and if you like follow my blog!
    A kiss :)

  4. Wow it looks gorgeous, I'd love to go there

  5. OMG, I want to go there as well. Picturesque.
    You look gorgeous dear. Would love to see you on as well <3

  6. What great images, love this! x
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  7. I have to confes that I havn´t seen Game of Thrones but Dubrovnik looks amazing!! :)


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