Saturday, 2 August 2014

"Live the full life of the mind,exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual" - Ernest Hemingway

Havana, Havana, oh what a magical place you are! On the Friday of our first week in Cuba, we decided to do the extra special supreme private tour of Havana. So at 8 am the van arrived to pick us up, and drive us the 2 and a half hours to Havana. Our tour guide Ernesto spoke perfect German and was very informative. We had two stops, both with amazing views: the first at the valley of the palm trees and the second overlooking Havana. Since I felt oh so inspired by the 50’s footprint everywhere, I could not help but dress the part. I decided to go for what I imagined Lucille Ball would wear on a walking tour of Havana, since she did meet her husband in Cuba. I feel I can relate so much to the show I love Lucy, since I am engaged to a man from Italy with a thick accent, who always shakes his head at one of my many crazy ideas. SO, channeling my inner Lucy, I went for a vintage day dress in cream with a turquoise bow, a white headscarf and of course large pearl earrings. And yes, even on a 12 hour day tour I always wear heels.

We walked through old Havana, saw the Capitol and all of Hemingway’s old hang outs, had a typical Cuban lunch and mojito, a daiquiri at Floridita and a pina colada across from the Hemingway hotel. We also visited the Havana Club museum, saw how cigars are made, took part in a so called Cuban marriage, and bought many, many cigars, because I had to get my love some Cohibas !! We then drove through the newer part of Havana and stopped at the Havana Libre hotel to change for dinner and the world famous Tropicana, where many people, celebrities, and Mafiosi have been before us.


How to enjoy a Cuban Marriage:
First you light your cigar, not by puffing on it, but by lighting and then twirling it in the air. Then you drink a strong Cuban espresso, take a sip of dark Cuban rum, swirling it in your mouth like mouthwash, before taking that first puff of your cigar, just as the rum slides or should I say burns down your throat. And that sensation is what they call a Cuban marriage: a recommendation to all, and even though I don’t smoke, it was very enjoyable.


It was a truly long, exciting, magical day, which allowed us a glimpse back in time with a hint of 2014. Experiencing this adventure with the whole family made this Havana adventure extra special! 
More cuban adventures to come... 

xo Nicola 

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