Tuesday, 30 September 2014


These past fashion week's were filled with delightful surprises. This collection from Delpozo was a breath of fresh air with its whimsical colours and design. Like a flower blooming in spring to the sun shining in the summer. We loved the use of shapes and the architecture to which they construct there garments.Everything was lovely and put together except the last 2 dresses which we felt to be out of place in this collection almost as to a preview into what should be there fall collection. However Delpozo was definitely a rememberable show in this years spring/summer fashion week of 2015.  Here are some of our favourite pieces.... 

our favourite looks..

 Need these !! 

Finale dress ?!?!

xo Nicola & Stephanie 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Castello Vicchiomaggio

Between Florence and Siena, Italy there lies Chianti. 
What is Chianti known for you ask? Well, this tuscany region is famous for producing some of the best italian wine out there. I was fortunate to visit the Castello Vicchiomaggio winery. It was a beautiful villa and the view from the terrace overlooking the vivid green vineyard was spectacular! We gathered there for some lunch and drank their wine and enjoyed the good company surrounding us.  This is a place I would like to go back and have a romantic weekend getaway with my boyfriend, to sit by the pool or even the spacious balcony with a glass of white wine in the summer evening watching the sunset go down.
A simple grey t-shirt made my day with a pair a cute sandals. 

xo Stephanie

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Isola Bella

Summer has come and gone, even though we are still sweating our tushies off over here in Sicily!!
We are getting by and embracing the heat, before it all comes to an end and we are pulling out our
heavy gear. August is the month when the entire country of Italy goes on stand-by for 2 weeks to jet
off to the closest beach for what they call ferragosto: a time when you spend your days and nights
at the beach: “taking the sun” (the Italian-English translation for sunbathing) during the day, and
dancing the night away, sipping on vodka lemons or gin tonics. Being in Sicily during this time is
perfection: there are endless beaches to discover with breathtaking views and grottos and there are the
most beautiful restaurants by the sea that serve classic Italian dishes with the freshest seafood you can
find on the Mediterranean. It’s a time when you feel young, wild and free. Days turn into nights and
nights into days and you live each day excited to see what the next one will bring. 

On one of these exciting days we decided to go on a little road trip to Isola Bella, which means beautiful island: a perfect description for a picturesque destination. It is situated directly below Taormina, which is simply the most fabulous town in Sicily. With the beats blasting, sunroof open and the sun shining down, we knew it was going to be a good day. Nicola decided to go for a very casual, almost “Johnny Depp” inspired look with a straw, flat brimmed hat, beige graphic tee with non other then her inspiration in life, Audrey Hepburn (in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) on the front, and a pair of black shorts. Stephanie, on the other hand, went for the more “I’m on a yacht” inspired look, with a loose long collared shirt, buttoned down the back, which is very “in” right now. A pair of jean shorts completed the look and provided that extra bit of coverage, in case the wind picked up.

We spent the day on the very rocky, pebble stone beach, looking out on the Mediterranean Sea, with Isola Bella as a backdrop. We also enjoyed a boat tour around the island, looking into the grottos, listening to the music we had brought on board, thanks to the Bose speaker, and jumped over board to take a dip in the crystal clear waters. It was the perfect day, ending in the best way possible with a gelato from C&G, which was “to die for”. Summers in Sicily are simply magical.

xo Nicola & Stephanie

Monday, 22 September 2014


One of our favourite runway's from this years MFW was Dolce & Gabbana. We loved the sicilian inspired collection and the use of the bold red colour, it brings out another meaning to Spring/Summer. Usually, we would associate these colours for fall or winter, but D&G has definitely justified it here, you can wear it wherever, whenever and rock it!

These shoes are to die for!
The play of masculine femininity in these pieces are marvellous and so true to sicilian heritage having to be a strong women for your family but still feminine and sexy.

The beauty and elegance of this collection is just stunning!
 Cannot wait till it arrives in spring.

xo Nicola & Stephanie

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Oh Canada.

 Other moments from my Canadian adventures included:
Cabana Pool Bar in the docs of Toronto allows you to be right by the water of Lake Ontario and enjoy the stunning Toronto skyline. It is a perfect venue to dance the afternoon away by the pool à la Las Vegas. I wore my high sling-back wedges and a chiffon cover up, which I converted into a skirt for the day, and my black high-waisted bikini from American Apparel to create a more classic, sophisticated flare. It was such a great day, sipping mojitos and enjoying great company.

Spending time with the funniest, sarcastic, most wonderful friend you could ever have:

Spending time with my life-long friend and soul mate Kathleen:
And for one last final hooray I enjoyed my beautiful family’s company when we went out for a delicious Indian meal, which I had been craving since the day I arrived. I finally got to enjoy some delicious curry dishes and spend my last night with the family whom I will miss so much, but who support me in everything I do:

It was such a lovely trip; one that made this summer unforgettable but now I’m off to my beautiful home in Sicily to spend the rest of the sunny months by the beach, looking out at the sea, waiting for my man to return back to me! Till Sicily!

xo Nicola

Monday, 8 September 2014

Lake Bracciano

I had no idea what to expect upon arriving to Lake Bracciano. This lake is an hour drive from Rome in the region of Lazio. I initially had the chance to visit Rome again, but opted out instead only because I have seen it before and was more interested in a change of scenery. Instead of seeing historical monuments and cathedrals, this time I had the chance to see Lake Bracciano and it was the perfect day trip. With the calm lake and peaceful town, I was able reconnect with nature and it also felt like being back at home, especially being surrounded with the lush greenery.  Out of coincidence, I felt as though my floral jumpuit was an appropriate choice for this outing since it was cool, breathable, and casual and it definitely blended in with the natural setting.

Fashion Is Instant Language - Prada

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It’s a classic tale of destiny. Two former cruise ship workers fall head over heels in love with two Sicilian Officers. Leaving their family and friends in Canada to live the Italian dream of romance and fashion. Both attending fashion school whilst waiting their men to return from the sea. Their struggles, adventures and experiences depicted here in two very different, but similar styles as they entertain you with fashion as they see it.