Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February Is Carnivale

Who doesn't enjoy dressing up and having fun with friends? 
Carnivale in Italy is a huge winter festival that usually happens in the middle of February. Different types of festivities are celebrated throughout the towns of Italy. You can either discover large parades with extravagant floats, music festivals or tons of parties. 
This year we decided to dress up as... you guessed it. #twoshells 
We had our own D.I.Y moment, using our knowledge of pattern making from school, we constructed two shells and two oversized pearls. Dressed in all black, we created the greatest costume ever!
Although, we had a rainy carnivale, #twoshells did not let it damp their plans. Nicola hosted a small gathering with a few of our close friends. Enjoyed some baked brownies and delicious martinis and played a round of Kings. The night ended with girls starting their own little dance floor in Nicola's living room, which made our night! 

Don't forget the name #TWOSHELLS

xo Nicola & Stephanie

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