Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Life Without Dreams Is Like A Garden Without Flowers

With the sweet scent of Flowers in Bloom comes the sweet sense of possibilities and new beginnings. You feel renewed as you see from a dark and ever so cold winter the start of new life with the sun and the beautiful colours beaming, that can only bring a smile to your face. Especially after a fucking horrible, cold, lonely, dramatic, wearing 8 layers, wet socks, and gloomy 6 am alarms. It was that kind of Canadian winter for poor Stephanie. Having to hear 4 months of everyone in Canada bitch and bitch and bitch about the weather as I sat in my palm tree +6 island, I felt it was my duty to bring Stephanie shortly after arriving back in Sicily to the 'Infiorata' in Noto. Because there is no better way to celebrate spring then murals made of flowers in the most beautiful Baroque town.

Surrounded by tourists, Sicilians and Italians a like, we took in the sights but very quickly became part of the skeptical ourselves. Between us posing holding up sidewalk traffic. My skirt is flying up Marilyn Monroe style giving a free show to the town of Noto.  And Stephanie's Sicilian man is giving us modelling advice. We definitely added a true  Canadian flare to the event. But that’s just us, we wear what makes us comfortable, girly and free. I love wearing fun skirts and large fascinators or '2nd heads' as my man calls them with his ever so sexy Italian accent. While Stephanie loves casual, easy and chic clothing, as she mixes prints, and clean lines seen here.


This is just the beginning as we continue our life journey on this old school island that is Sicily and the whole 'wild' wide world. Bringing our Canadian Torontonian culture views and style wherever we go. Learning and inspiring us as we inspire them. Taking it all in one day at a time and sharing our experiences… 
 because fuck it's fabulous, exciting and true!

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