Sunday, 1 June 2014

"When in Rome do as the Romans do"... so in Sicily we do as the Sicilians do.

Living now in this small town on the Mediterranean Sea, sometimes the nightlife can get a bit stale especially during the off season where there is only the one good bar to go to. As much as we love sitting at the same bar it is nice to change it up every now and again.  That being said it does not stop us from finding ways to have a good time! We create our own fun by getting in touch with our inner Sicilian housewife and get down in the kitchen by preparing traditional Sicilian recipes with our fellow paesanos. On this Monday night, we decided to make Arancini “rice balls” (recipe at the bottom) and just to spice it up we baked an oreo cheesecake because our friends go crazy for our American style desserts. We love mixing it up sharing recipes and traditions for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Our good friend Simona, teaches us how to make delicious Arancini.

We thought we would shake it up in the kitchen by wearing our long skirts and cute tops for something easy, yet adorable and at the same time sexy. We believe very strongly in dressing up while at home because if you look good you feel good! Give your man something to look at while your bending over and putting that cake in the oven ;) 

Why not wear a cute apron to match your outfit making it the perfect cooking accessory?!

Don’t forget the wine because no Italian meal should be with out it. Nothing like a fabulous night at home cooking drinking and eating with great friends creating unforgettable moments. 

Like what you see? Interested in the skirts?

 These skirts are made by yours truly Nicola and Stephanie.
 Send us a comment and tell us what you think! Also, Aprons can be found on Etsy by Kruga Design.

 Check'em out!

Make your own Arancini!

Arancini Recipe:
Prepare Risotto adding saffron and a bit of the sauce from your ragu. Let cool until cold.

In pot cook 2 cloves garlic and 1 diced onion until clear. Add 2 kinds of your favourite ground meat I prefer lean and extra lean add a ½ cup of red wine and your spices a teaspoon of salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, curry, dried basil. Cook down till the meat is brown add a can of diced tomatoes and a half bottle of tomato sauce cook for another 30 minutes let it cool.

Frozen peas
Diced ham
Diced mozzarella

Take a scoop of the risotto with your hand and cop it so it creates a bowl like shape. Then in the well of the rice that you created add a bit of the ragu and the extras that you wish to add then take another scoop f rice flatten it a bit and cover the filling then form a ball shape cover it in whisked egg and cover with bread crumbs continue till you have no more rice and then fry it in a large pot of boiling frying oil until it is brown in colour. 

1 kg of arborio rice 
150 grams ground veal 
150 grams extra lean ground beef 
can of diced tomatoes 
tomato sauce
dried basil 
red wine 
olive oil 
frozen or canned peas 
diced ham 
12 eggs 
2 bags of bread crumbs 


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