Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Forever a Paradise, Cuba

CUBA arriba arriba !! Well here I am on my way to Cuba for a lovely 2-week vacation. Since I am living in Italy and my sister is currently working in Germany for the summer, the family hasn’t been together in over a year: so we reunited in Cuba for a good old family vaca. Unfortunately my fiancé couldn’t join us, since he has to work and as much as I would love love love to go and see him on the cruise ship, we decided to save the money for a relaxing vacation together when he is home. Oh the sacrifices one has to make! So I went alone with the family just like many years ago. The trip started off amazingly well since my dad had booked Super Elite on Sunwing (a recommendation to all: you can pack an extra 10 kg and you get express check-in and more in flight room). We ate dinner in the I pad lounges they now have at Toronto Pearson Airport. I must say that they really serve cool comfy and great food!! It really enriched the whole traveling experience. Adhering to my motto that the world is my runway, I dressed up for the flight with my new pair of Seven stretch jeans and lace tank top, I tell ya: you don’t need to wear sweat pants to feel relaxed. These jeans are chic and extremely comfortable. I always believe in a good hat and why not wear one when traveling like this large floppy sun version to feel classy.

We arrived late in Cuba and went straight to our hotel, the Iberostar Varadero: 5 stars and the best address in town! It is a breath-taking hotel with soft sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, good food, great pools and spacious rooms. We knew right away we were in for a lovely and relaxing 2 weeks. My godparents and sister arrived from Germany and we celebrated with some champagne as the vacation began.

 One of my favourite events was the tour through Varadeo in the old-timer car: a convertible pink Dodge Crown Royal from the 1950’s. I have a passion for anything vintage, especially from the 50’s, so you can imagine my absolute excitement to dress in style for this opportunity. The driver arrived in the early morning and we (my mom and dad came along for the experience) hopped in for a 2-hour drive around town. I felt right at home with my white shorts, jean crop top with white trim (actually a vintage piece from the 50’s) and my headscarf tied in a knot in my hair (perfect for a windy ride). We stopped at Al Capon’s house, and Dupont’s mansion, which is now a golf club, as well as the downtown artisan market. And yes: I most certainly took every stop as an opportunity for a photo shoot. That’s when I fell in love with the charm of Cuba and the vintage feel of an island frozen in the year1959: the old buildings and the old timer cars everywhere, the straw hats and the bands playing on the street, while the rhythms and sounds accompany you on your discovery walk. I don’t think there is another place on earth that is this authentic! I felt immersed in a really lovely reality on this wonderful first excursion: a beautiful day spent cruising with the top down, sun on my face and the wind in my hair.



Stay tuned for more of my cuban adventures,

xo Nicola 

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