Friday, 24 October 2014


Sometimes I can't help but feel unbelievably grateful to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. To have such history, culture, and beauty right outside your doorstep can sometimes be so overwhelming you forget to look. That is why my fiancee and I decided to take a road trip from Sicily to the Amalfi coast! A short 8 hours later we arrived in bellissima Sorrento! On one of our days discovering this stunning piece of earth, we decided to take a boat tour to the island of Capri. Having gone shopping the day before, I had the perfect attire for such an event. I decided to wear an almalfitano outfit made from olive green linen with loose-fitting lace details. It was just perfection. I paired this with my hair tied up in braids and pearl earrings. We discovered all the magical coves of the island and I even took a dip in the most famous blue grotto. Nothing could have been more perfect or more romantic than this day. 
Crystal clear waters 

The famous blue grotto 

More to come on my road trip through the amalfi coast next stop Positano... 

xo Nicola  

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