Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Project Runway Season 13 Finale

Being aspiring designers ourselves we love seeing anything that celebrates design and creativity. The show Project runway represents all of this. We have followed every season and were especially impressed with the last 4 designers of this season 13. Calling it from the beginning that Sean Kelly the clear winner. He had so many innovative yet still elegant and timeless designs almost always making a wow moment happen on the Runway. His collection was inspired and told a clear story from beginning to end although he did use a lot of fringe as to his now signature it looked so effortless and chic we would love to wear any and all of his pieces. We cant wait to see what he has to offer and what he does in the future. He shows that the american or any dream can come true moving to a new country and just going for it with nothing holding him back, only his confidence and expertise in his pocket.  

 Such a good finale episode the other collections were also amazing Amanda Valentine put on a great show with her one of a kind jewellery and long patterned dresses taking boho chic to the next level.
As for kini Zamora  one of our personal favourites also created a stunning collection but not as much as we hoped it would be although his pieces were constructed beautifully it just didn't have that X factor as some of his other pieces he had designed through out the season.
 As for Char Glover we feel like there was no real story or theme to her collection and she is still just starting to find her voice in fashion. 
 We just cant wait  for the next season of Project Runway always inspiring us and making us work even harder to achieve our goals in fashion. 

xo Nicola&Stephanie 

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