Tuesday, 25 November 2014

City Folk Not Country Mice...

 Nothing like taking in the fresh sicilian air in the beautiful country side of Modica. This is one of the fun outings our school likes to organize we got to different agriturismo's which is a farm/restaurant which grows raises and cooks all the ingredients from there land, leaving us to try there specialties. Everything is so fresh and delicious. This Farm belonged to a fellow classmates and is used as a petting zoo to teach young children about animals and farming. We enjoyed handmade ravioli and caponata as well as home pickled olives and tomato spreads. It was all so delectable you could taste every ingredient. You really cant get more sicilian then this. As for us being city folk not country mice our interpretation of a going to the country is more chic then YEE-HA. Stephanie wearing ripped jeans and a long over sized white blouse was perfect classy and simple leaving her accessories to add the pops of colour like her sunshine yellow bag and coral pointy flats. As for Nicola did the best she could with her ruffled socks and sneakers and her elegant handmade dress made from seashell lace green fabric covering it up with a cropped cable knit sweater to take her from over dressed to country chic. What can we say we just cant blend into the scenery. 

Yee-Ha Yall 

xo Nicola&Stephanie 

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