Thursday, 11 December 2014

Victoria Secret Fashion show London 2014

Well its that time of year again where every women gets inspired to dress sexy and get in shape, as they watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This years Show was filled with amazing couture wings fabulous lingerie and beautiful angels. Not to mention the artists they chose this year were right on point to match every theme. I would have to say my favourite moment was the Fairy tale theme I just found it to be so magical and yet at the same time dark and mysterious. Accompanied by Hozier who sang Take me to the church who took it to a very powerful place.

The only thing I would have to say is that this year more then others there was a greater focus on backstage happenings and the Angels personal stories and lives rather then the lingerie itself. It all went by too quickly you just want it to go on at least another hour so you can fully appreciate the Angels, the lingerie and the music. Just so much fabulousness to take in at once.
University of Pink
Exotic Traveler 
Gilded angels 
Angel Ball 

Always inspiring, beautiful, and Sexy 

xo Nicola&Stephanie 

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