Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Drinking Good Wine With Good Food in Good Company Is One of Life’s Most Civilized Pleasures --Michael Broadbent

Nothing like a Thursday night under the stars barbecuing some seafood. While drinking wine, dancing and laughing the night away. We decided on an uneventful Thursday evening to have an impromptu barbecue at a friends country home where here in Italy it is like a cottage which is only a 10 minute drive away instead of that 3 hour traffic filled drive up north to the lake. We got dressed up in our best country looks which for Nicola consists of one of her only pairs of jeans (similar style click here) adding hooped earrings and a head scarf some how creating a 70’s country chic look. Where as Stephanie opted for her cute denim jumpsuit and semi western black ankle booties (similar style click here) to create that casual denim yet trendy country outfit.

The girls prepared the octopus and shrimp salad in the kitchen where as the men built the fire as there ancestors the cave men had done many many years before, oh how history repeats itself. The wine was flowing, the music was playing and the fish was barbecuing. It was a perfect Sicilian dining style evening. When all of a sudden Spice Girls came on the radio, which naturally lead to a full on karaoke sing-along musical production. Resulting in the end of six bottles of white wine leading us to the demise of four bottles of prosecco. However, traditionally you sip prosecco in champagne flutes, where as our friend Davide opted in showering us with prosecco creating the great 'Prosecco War of Ispica.' Of course, boys will be boys!

All in all we had a sizzlin' eventful drunken and tasty evening!

xo Nicola & Stephanie 

Enjoy our little dance off of 'Wannabe - Spice Girls'

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