Thursday, 12 June 2014

Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air - Emerson


Day: What's great about the island of Sicily is that we are surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful beaches. You can either grab your massive sun umbrella and lay on the soft golden sand with your colourful towel or maybe go with a lido that has bar a service. In fact always choose the lido with the bar service!  

In the summer here you can find any and every excuse to go to the beach you hang out with friends read your favourite book and get tanned, but never your neck or face after all we want to look young forever not like shrivelled prunes by the time we are 36!! Grab that refreshing drink we suggest Malibu and Pineapple something less caloric then that pina colada you were craving yet which is just as satisfying! But before you set out in search for that perfect beach spot, you might want to have granita and brioche for breakfast. It is the most refreshing breakfast you have in the morning.  

On this day we decided to wear leg showing and bold coloured beach dresses just to feel the summer heat and our itsy bitsy bikini became our second skin.

Let's face it, can you even imagine a better summer where the beach is your backyard?

Refreshing Breakfast (Granita & Brioche)

Our many attempts of doing a high jump together!

Night: After that long relaxing day at the beach you come home to have dinner and especially on Saturday night you get ready to get your party on. Keeping the beachy look, we stayed true to the day, Stephanie wore a magenta pink top with a lacy summer feel skirt, while Nicola wore high waisted jeans with leather detailing that she made at school with a sexy floral bodysuit top, which can also be used as a one piece bathing suit. 

We most always have a pre-game at Nicola's house where we made fabulous martinis for the girls and the guys help themselves to there favourite drinks at the open in home bar. 
We drink we dance to the tunes of Hanson, reminiscing those younger days. We drank some more and then around 12:30am we decided to go to the local bar to drink some more and to see where the rest of the town is going to dance that night. As soon as 2am rolls around we decided there is just enough time left in the evening to get our boogie on. So we danced the night away usually to bad Latin and Top 40 of 5 months ago til the sun comes up to where we find ourselves eating paninos of sausage french fries just to absorb enough of the alcohol to stop the ceiling from spinning, 

Nothing like those magic nights of summer dancing under the stars with your best girlfriends and our silly drunken boyfriends.

And then you do it again ;)
Sunday Afternoon at Cava D'aliga

xo Nicola & Stephanie


  1. wow!! amazing place... I want to hit the beach soon too..

  2. Beautiful pics and sea *-*