Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Travel Is The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer!

Well after a good 14 months on the beautiful island of Sicily it was time to pack my suitcase and return to my family and friends for a little visit. Since my man is working on the ship I decided to take 2 months and go back home to see everyone. Unfortunately, that means leaving my partner in crime Stephanie but she's holding down the fort while I am gone as she continues her Sicilian adventure. 

My first stop is Germany to visit my Oma and Godparents as well as my sister who is woking for my aunt this summer. I love this time in Germany I just get to relax and enjoy my time with my Oma watching her favourite soap operas while she cooks me way too much of my favourite German dishes. I take advantage of my aunts indoor pool and work out room to work off the large amounts of delicious potatoes, schnitzel and beer. I visit with other relatives for dinner and go to the lake house for a family barbecue. Germany is such a lovely Country and it is always so nice to catch up with everyone whilst drinking a beer or two. 

I always try to dress up when I am travelling I don't mean something to fancy but something you feel comfortable in while still being in style. I just don't believe in sweat pants as the only answer to comfort. This wrap skirt and long did just the trick. 

In the summer, there is no other place to be then the Beer Gardens here in Germany. You can go out dress up with a pair of jeans and cool down with a large glass of beer and soft pretzel. 

Nothing like an afternoon shopping and what not better to wear then a cute pastel coloured jumper perfect for trying on clothes and its always a comfortable chic option. Zara has many fun summer clothing out now which I took advantage of.  Also, Bijou Brigitte has amazing summer accessories. One should always finish a hard days shopping with ice cream I chose the spaghetti ice not quite like the gelato back in Sicily but it definitely did the trick. 

After such a beautiful week in Germany the best way to finish it off was a BBQ at the lake house where  I spent many summers as a child. I decided to go for a summery sunday dress something cute light and fun for a cool summers day by the water with good food, great people and even better conversation.


I had a lovely time in Germany!!
Next stop Toronto, Canada!

xo Nicola 

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