Monday, 12 January 2015

House of DVF Review

The house of DVF took you into the world of  Diane von Furstenberg. DVF opens her doors to her empire her head office in New York to 13 aspiring women who want to make it in the world of fashion. They fight each other sometimes with class other times with grit and grime to become ambassador of this sensational brand. The last 3 girls who made it to the end all showed promise a competitive spirit and a great work ethic sometimes bring them close to go home.

Brittany Hampton, the winner of the show was a bit controversial many viewers the girls in the competition as well as DVF’s right hands Stefani and Jessica were not thrilled to have Brittany apart of the DVF family. However Diane saw her potential charisma and drive giving her a warning to only bring out her best self and leave the nasty Brittany at home. It was her experience style and drive that brought her to become the winner. We believe she will do DVF proud and become a fabulous representative of DVF so long as she checks her ego at the door.

Amanda Schauer second runner up in this competition to become Ambassador. I would say the under dog of the top three contestants however the most poised and the most sweet and kind of everyone in the competition. DVF felt though that she was a bit to soft spoken quiet and unexperienced to be a part of her empire. Diane showed great enthusiasm for Amanda and her future.

Kier Mellour the known “Bitch” of the group powered her way to the top three. She new backed down and always stood up for her self coming across as egocentric you could still see her passion and contentment in how much she wanted this position. Unfortunately through out the show you could see her emotions get the best of her which was to much evidence to her immaturity for Diane to be able to consider her to become apart of her empire. 

It was such an inspiring show and a glimpse of the lives we would love to have.

DVF is such an incredible women and she proves this in her book, The Woman I Wanted to Be. It is a great read for any and all women who wish to see there full self come to fruition.

xo Nicola & Stephanie

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