Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Peoples Choice Award; Best and Worst Dressed

The peoples choice awards fun and entertaining as always and a great start to the award winning season. Our favourite of the night was Portia de Rossi in Zuhair Murad, a very sexy designer who brings sex appeal and class together in one great look.

Portia di Rossi

Another one that made the top lists and not for the first time was Sarah Hyland in Cristian Siriano. Cristian Siriano is just popping up all over the red carpet with his young and fresh designs new over powering the actress and always bring out there best features.

Sarah Hyland

However, another Cristian Siriano look did make it to our least favourite look of the evening. He just missed the mark on this one a great outfit just not appropriate or proportional for the fabulous hip hop artist Iggy Azalea.  We can not wait for this upcoming awards season so stay tuned for more red carpets reviews for #twoshells

Iggy Azalea

xo Nicola & Stephanie

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