Friday, 16 January 2015

The Fashion Fund Review

The fashion fund is an incredible reality TV show and a dream to anyone in the Fashion industry in America. Having Anna Wintour as the helm of the show with a jury of CFDA members and leaders who chose the top 10 designers in America of the moment to compete for $300,000 dollars and a one year mentorship with the beiggest names in American fashion. A dream to all and what an amazing show to be inspired and influenced by that no matter what your beginnings are with a good idea determination and a little or with a lot of luck a lot of money you can succeed in creating your own name and empire in the American and then soon to be world of fashion .
The winner Paul andrew of Paul Andrews designs a stiletto shoe designer originally for England was announced as winner it was quite a shock to the viewrs and other contestants. Definetly the black sheep of the group with his cold and distant almost cockish personality overshadowing his fabulous and feminine designs. Having already built a 3 million dollar company creating shoes for designers such as Vera Wang and other well known designers for there collection you almost felt him already established and in no need of the fashion fund. However is designs and emphasis in quality and comfort put him as a front runner for the competition resulting in a great win.

Second runner up and I am sure a favourite to many was jewellery designer Eva Zuckerman for Eva Fehren. With her very unique and industrial designs making her name in the fashion and accessory world as unique and one oof a kind taking her New york roots as inpiration for her architectual designs. She shined in the contest with her different take on all the different takes on the compeition knowing her brand and making her vision clear with her bright and relateable personality. Although she didn’t win she came out on top with the support of viewers her fellow contestants and the support of the amazing Judges sitting on the board of CFDA.

Third runner up the down to earth soft spoken fantastic Ryan Roche of Ryan’s Design. Was a favourite from the beginning with her humble beginnings not leaving her family and home to the big apple. She kept her designs pure organic and natural not altering anything throughout the compeition and always staying true to her vision and brand. Her designs simple but ever so soft and comfortable and her can do will do attitude brought her on top of the competition and still a winner.

A show that inspires us to keep designing and fighting for our own visions to come true.

xo Nicola & Stephanie 

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